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Lessons from Legends

and Stories of People Who Changed the World
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I'm a storyteller who loves to garner wisdom from those who have come before me. My articles, essays, books, and broadcasts share the stories of people who made a big impact on me and the rest of the world. I have written several books, authored numerous essays, appeared on the Fox News television and radio networks and on many radio programs including Focus on the Family and Hugh Hewitt.

My podcast, WHAT A LIFE!, will inspire you with uplifting stories about people who changed the world. You have probably heard of many of them, and others you may have not. Either way, I hope they all will encourage you as you create your own legend.

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Lessons from Legends

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Good Day!

The Paul Harvey Story

Chosen for Greatness

 How Adoption Changes

 the World


Living a Life that Reflects God's Heart

by Jim Daly

with Paul J Batura

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