Paul J. Batura
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Good Day! - The Paul Harvey story

Book Excerpt

"To the millions of his listeners spanning seventy years of broadcasting, Paul Harvey's words were akin to a balm on a burn. His voice was settling and reassuring, with a laconic cadence as distinctive and intoxicating as it was soothing. "You can almost hear the amber waves of grain," as his longtime friend, actor and comedian Danny Thomas once said about Paul's voice. Turning the dial during one of his programs was nearly impossible. He always left his listeners wanting a little more. Maybe that's how we all feel now that the golden voice has fallen silent."

Paul J. Batura's Good Day! is a colorful biography of the radio pioneer-turned-legend whose guiding light saw the country through dark times. Whether he was covering racial tensions, terrorist attacks, or which vitamins to take, Paul Harvey articulated the American experience for average people making their way in a world too large for quick comprehension. Harvey brought them that world "in dime store words," with a sense of optimism and faith, and with a deep love for America. Here is Harvey's story, the rest of the story, as he would tell it himself.